Established as a Group of Corporations and Special-Purpose Limited Partnerships



Empire Group was established as a group of corporations and special-purpose limited partnerships that are active in the countries of Macau, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, India, Canada, U.S.A., St. Vincent and the Grenadines, The British Virgin Islands, The Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Sweden, Italy, The Republic of Georgia, and Mauritius.  We seek to fulfill the needs of investing high-net-worth individuals, and private and public organizations, throughout the world–parties who can join hands with us as client-partners and co-beneficiaries in practicing morally and fiscally responsible asset management.

Our ultimate mission is to produce the highest investment yields per annum that are available in global capital markets, and to distribute attractive profits to our investing partners.

One of Empire Group’s most exciting areas of business development is the innovation of new and relevant 21st Century financial products and services that are complementary to the investment goals of governments, charitable foundations, multinational corporations, and high-net-worth individuals.

Empire Group also provides financial infrastructure strategies and “financial engine” planning for G20 Governments, and other global national and regional governments, to counter international recessionary trends.

The global financial and business experience of the Staff Members of Empire Group is substantial.  The Principal Founders of Empire Group have worked in top financial firms throughout the world, as well as in Banking, International Trade, International Law, Law Enforcement, Security, and the High-Tech Industry, for over 33 years.  The core members of our Management Team can converse in over 13 languages fluently, including English, Japanese, Thai, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Russian, French, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Georgian, as well as certain tribal languages.  We have managed financial consulting and development projects, in every economic sector, working on-site in more than 47 countries.

In summary, Empire Group is ready, willing, and able to utilize our full corporate network, resources, and financial expertise to fully implement strategies to enhance the wealth and well-being of our global client-partners.


We provide financing and management of strategic economic projects, and enterprises, across the government and private sector.  We also provide professional wealth management services.