Financing and Management of Strategic Economic Projects



Financing and Management of Strategic Economic Projects:  Empire Group specializes in providing consulting services to G20 Governments, and to other government organizations in select developing countries, to assist in generating the corporate architecture and full financing of strategic economic, humanitarian, and infrastructure projects. Our services include the turn-key financing, project management, and build-out of infrastructure for either new or existing cities, plus the long-term operation of core elements of each redeveloped or newly constructed metropolis.  The primary goal for Empire Group, in each case, is the integration of sustainable “financial engines” to support ailing regional economies, or impoverished urban neighborhoods.  This can be done through the transplantation of new technology industries, linkage with global markets for regionally produced goods and services, and interaction with governments to recommend regional fiscal reform policies (such as the establishment of well-designed free zones).  Empire Group has the capability of managing existing Government-Sector or Private-Sector assets, via contract, to generate the financing for each approved project, including, in certain cases, the integration of government grants, loans, tax incentives, or other forms of government sponsorship.


Empire Group provides the following services to private institutions, publicly listed companies, and wealthy families or individuals that control prominent assets or groups of companies.  Our service model begins with the formation and registration of a limited partnership entity with each client-partner:  an “Empire Group Partnership,” via which we directly manage invested assets as per the authority invested in us by each specific partnership agreement.   The Partnership can then apply for government grants, loans, tax incentives, or other forms of government sponsorship.


Empire Group is pleased to offer custom-designed wealth management programs for our individual and institutional client-partners, while taking into account their investment goals, risk tolerance, and appetite for specific capital markets throughout the world.  Once a client-partner contributes assets to an Empire Group Partnership, most often established in a tax-advantaged jurisdiction, we can provide access to commercial and financial transactions to enhance the value of each partnership’s portfolio.


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